The AEROWORKS project will be presented at ICRA 2016 Workshop on "Aerial Robotic Manipulation: from Simulation to Real Life".

This workshop addresses Aerial Robotics Manipulation, a growing topic with increasing relevance both scientifically and technologically as the potential impact in applications such as  inspection and maintenance, rescue and structure assembly can be great.

Starting from basic results obtained in the last year, this workshop will include the presentation of new simulation results and practical implementations. Thus, new prototypes of Aerial Robotic Manipulators and algorithms will be presented and visualized by means of videos of recent demonstrations. Through the presentation of the most important and latest findings in the field, we aim not only to disseminate this information, but also to trigger discussions about new technologies and current technology limitations and facilitate new collaborations. Moreover, the attendants will be able to experiment with a new Aerial Robotic Simulator that supports Manipulation and will be presented in this workshop.

The organisation of this workshop is focused on core topics presented by invited esteemed speakers experts in their fields. In order to encourage the acquisition of new knowledge and innovative concepts, speakers  from  other domains sharing some characteristics with Aerial Robotic Manipulation have been also invited.